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Tips & Strategies on Building Your Business

The last time I wrote, I talked about the importance for understanding the reasons why you went into business. Now I want to talk to about the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who treats their business like a hobby. The only difference between the two is the mindset.

Your mindset is like the steering wheel that causes your car to go in direction that you point it. If you turn your wheel to the left, your car will go to the left. Well our mindsets is just as critical to how we run our business and the direction we want to take our business.

The reason why the mindset is so important is because it is YOU. When you come to the table, you also bring your fears, dreams, apprehensions, inadequacies, disappointments, etc. into the business. It is imperative that as you are building your business, you also build yourself.

Please allow me to list a few mindsets that are crucial to the success of any business.

1. Calculated Risk Taker – is a person who is not afraid to step out and take a chance. This person doesn’t look at past failures to determine the success of present opportunities. They pursue opportunities based on what their inner man is saying; even if it doesn’t match their reality.

2. Self-Motivated – is a person who doesn’t look for people or things around them to get them going. They are excited about the vision and the work that goes along with the vision. This person does what needs to be done because they see the bigger picture.

So in light of the two mindsets we just discussed; are there some areas in your life that needs to be adjusted. Ask yourself, do I allow the economy and things going on around me to dictate the decisions I need to make in my business and for my business? When it comes to growing your business, not only do you have to be motivated; but it is imperative to be able to take risk.

When it comes to expanding your business and/or growing your business, it will never look like the right time. In fact, you will feel led to move in different directions at what seemingly is the worst time. But you must develop the mindset of being a calculated risk taker and what the blessings unfold in your business.

On the next blog, we will discuss more mindsets that needs to be developed in order to grow your business beyond a hobby.

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