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Facts about Book Publishing

There can be a lot of confusion about self-publishing and print-on-demand. As you decide the best publishing path for you, I would like to clarify a few misconceptions you may have heard.

1. MYTH: Whoever owns the ISBN owns the rights.
FACT: This is not true, most publishers like Anointed Press Publishers assign the ISBN for the authors’ convenience, but Anointed Press authors always keep 100% of the rights to their book.

2. MYTH: Independent self-publishing is different from publishing with Anointed Press Publishers, because the publisher owns the ISBN.
FACT: It is true that the ISBN identifies the publisher of record. With Anointed Press, authors can supply their own ISBN. If that is the case, we will still design and print their book and market their book according to the package they pick. It’s up to the author if they want to use their own ISBN or allow us to assign it.

3. MYTH: Printing a book with an off-set printer is the same as publishing it.
FACT: Printing a book is one facet of publication. Before a book can be printed, the interior must be designed, cover designed and layed out to proper print measurements. Once printed then it is made available for distrubtion through online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. It is also listed in Anointed Press catalog as well as books in print.

Printing a book with an off-set printer accomplishes only one step. Publishing your book with Anointed Press Publishers accomplishes all of them. Almost anyone can “print” a book, but what about all that other stuff that is required? That’s one of the many reasons so many authors choose Anointed Press Publishers.

I hope this was helpful. When you are ready to start you can call Anointed Press Publishers 301.782.2285 or go to: http://www.anointedpressgraphics.com to view the many testimonials and packages that we offer. View all our books: http://www.anointedpresspublishers.com

Karen Presley
Author & Publisher

PS – please read one of the comments from our author:

With Anointed Press Publishers, my first publishing experience was easy, fast and no hassle. Unlike online services, I experienced professional service with a personal touch. I felt like I had a coach during this process. Thanks.

CJ Gross, Author The Parent Connection

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