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Understanding the Mindset of a Writer

Self Publishing agencies have made it more possible for anyone to share their stories; however, we still must understand the mindset of a scribe to bring the dream to pass.  Allow me to briefly go over a few tips to help you release your story.

  • The mindset of the scribe must ask himself/herself, “what part do your want the reader to play?”  You must think about your reader and how you want them in plunge into your work.  Visualize, taste, touch and get the reader involved.  Yes, you know what you are saying, but will the reader be able to follow what you are saying.  Think from the mindset of the reader.
  • When you are writing, learn to paint the picture from A to Z.  If you went to the park, then paint the picture and let the reader know about your feelings and how the day was and what the sky looked like.  Don’t just say, you went to the park but bring the reader into your day and let them visualize what you really experience.
  • What inspires you?  Short stories, fictional, science, self-help, comedy, entertainment, inspirational, or maybe testimonial.  Whatever inspires you will inspire someone else.  Somebody is waiting to hear what is on the inside of you.  Somebody is waiting for your knowledge, your experiences, your testimony and your help.

In order for you to release what is on the inside of you, you must center yourself and not allow the distractions that will come to hinder you.  If you want to learn more about writing and self publishing, our next class is: October 15, 2011 at 10:30am – 2:30pm.

Go to: www.karenmpresley.com and REGISTER today and also check out our SUCCESS STORIES to see what others have gotten from the class.

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