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Developing a Mind for Business

Our mind is like the steering wheel in our vehicles.  If you turn it to the left your car will go to the left and if you turn it to the right then your car goes to the right.  Your mind can either make you or break you in business.  Your mind can be an asset or a liability in your business, ministry or organization.  It is imperative that we as people continue to work on US, so we can continue to move forward in new endeavors.

Let me give you this example.  I was speaking with a customer who spoke on a time that he lost a major contract with a company because he blew up, got angry and went off over a cap that only cost $20.00.  One of the guys backed up into his truck; broke the cap off of his truck and my customer went off in anger.  He let his emotions get the best of him.  When he replaced the cap the next day, it only cost him $20.00; however, by that time the foreman knew and cancelled the contract with him.

Our mind is made up into 2 parts; conscious and subconscious.  The conscious mind operates at 12% and our subconscious mind operates at 88%.  The subconscious part of you is what stores everything.  It never forgets what happens and that is where a lot of people are making their decision is from the subconscious part of them.

When it comes to business or your organization or ministry you are starting; you must realize that when you come to the table you are bringing YOU to the table.  You bring all of your baggage, negativity, limitations, and fears to the table.  The table I speak of is your business.  We must realize that if you really want to develop your business/ministry, then you will have to stay open to start changing while on this journey.

We must have faith to operate a business/ministry.  It is a lot of work in business but you must realize that you are unique and you have something to offer.  You must believe that you have a product or service for someone.  You must believe in your product or service and you must believe in yourself even when no one else believes in you.

There are a lot of printers in this world in fact in Prince George’s County, Maryland; however, no one can offer what I offer my customers.  Yes I’m a printer and if you looked at my equipment and then went into some of the bigger print shops, I would not even compare.  But I offer great customer service skills, fast turn-around time and the anointing on my life is a great value to my customers.  God has used me on plenty of occasions to meet the needs of my customers.  They come in for business and have a God experience that makes an impact on their lives.

I don’t look at competition because if God placed this business in me, then He will show me what to do to prosper in it.  You too have to realize that whatever you are doing or wanting to start, it was God that put it on the inside of you.  That dream, desire, gift or talent; ultimately God gave it to you for you to prosper.  You must believe in yourself and the One who put it in you regardless of your circumstances, limitations or your reality.

I started in my mother’s basement in 2003 and in two years, God moved me out of my mother’s house, off the job and into my own storefront location in 2005.  It wasn’t because I had money or all this equipment or had it going on.  I just believed and I didn’t limit God.  I was being stretched in the process and that is what God wants to do with you; stretch you and expand your ability to believe.

When you are in your business, it will be a journey of self-discovery.  Self-discovery says, it is not about situations or customers/clients or what others are doing but it is about how you are responding to the situation and what is going on in you.

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