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Customer Service in the Workplace

Customer service in your business and ministry is just as important as the product or service you offer and the ministry you perform.  A lot of times, we put more focus on the trade and not in keeping a good reputation.  I have heard so many stories from all types of customers that come into my shop complaining about the treatment they are experiencing from other businesses.  From other print shops, insurance companies, lawn care guys, technicians, magazine owners, marketers, and hairstylist, etc.  The list goes on with the frustration that people are experiencing from people who say they have a business and not serving their customers to the fullest.

I myself have had a lot of run ins with entrepreneurs who are not committed to their word.  People you have to chase down after you have given them your job; people you have to keep calling or emailing trying to get from the person what they promised; people who give you the run around or an excuse every time you speak with them; this list goes on as well.

When it comes to customer service, we are really talking about our mindset in business again.  We have talked about having faith in business, but you must also “communicate.”  Things happen in business and yes things come up, but when we are serving the public, we must be able to communicate with our customers to make them feel like they matter as a customer and your customer.  Have you ever done business with someone and felt like you were just a “number?”  Customer service isn’t just about saying “thank you for your business”, but how do you respond if something happened or if something wasn’t satisfactory to your customer.  Do you have anything in place to handle unsatisfied customers?  Do you have any guidelines that you follow to ensure customers leave your business or ministry with a good taste in their mouth?  Do you call your customers back or do you duck and dodge your clients?

A lot of people don’t like confrontation or feel like they are being rejected when they have done their best, if  the customer is a complainer.  You must face your fears when it comes to rejection.  Feelings of rejection will have you NOT dealing with the things you need to deal with.  Remember I said before that when you start a business, you bring YOU to the table, which also include all of your baggage (fears, anger, limitations etc.)

Don’t get me wrong, I know that some customers you can’t make happy no matter what you try.  If you have policies in place that protect you as a business owner from just giving everyone their money back who complains, then you must come up with alternate ways to satisfy customers.  The main objective is to keep your customer as a customer so they can come back to you again.

As you start a business, remember, you should always be working on you and your character and your disposition.  Your journey in life will expose things about you that need to be changed.  Don’t ignore your feelings, but deal with them.  Your character and how you do business will make you stand out as a person of integrity which will enable to exceed above the rest.

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