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Web Presence Is Everything

How do you present yourself?  This is the question that I am asking?  When it comes to marketing your business; there are so many ways this can be done.  We have the typical business cards, postcard, brochures, etc.  We also have website appearance which has the potential of getting global attention.  No matter how you market and no matter what platform you are using, your presentation and layout is crucial to attracting potential customers.

Have you ever been on a website and didn’t know where to start?  Have you ever been on a website and still didn’t know what that company did?  Have you ever looked at a business card and tried to figure out where the phone number or who the name of the person?  Your layout, content, design is all apart of the presentation.  It must be easy for a potential customer to locate certain things on your marketing material.

Let’s talk about websites for a minute.  I have been on some sites and asked myself, “where do I start?”  It seem like the home page had TOO much information on it.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that was on the home page.  We want to make sure that we are conveying to our customers that we have the answer to there needs.  If we have too much information jumbled up; how will they be able to decipher through our many services.

If necessary, try drop down buttons if you need to categorize your service.  Your home page should be informative, but clean.  It will be the opening page and the page that will get everyone’s attention.  What is your home page conveying?

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Anointed Press Graphics, Karen Presley, CEO


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