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Maintaining FOCUS in Your Business

An athlete starts off the game with zeal, energy, passion and tenacity; however, depending on how the game is going, he can or may lose his drive throughout the game.  A lot of us may start out in our different endeavors excited about the new journey of entrepreneurship; however, it takes more than excitement to continue in the business.

The power of a commitment and focus is what will give you longevity and victory in your business.  Whoever has your focus has your direction.  I always say that “life” happens.  It happens in our business, in relationships, in our families; however, even when life is happening, you determine the outcome by your focus.

How do you see or perceive different things that may happen in your business?  Do you see them as a learning moment or is it a disaster moment?  Do you see uncomfortable moments as a bad thing or an opportunity to make adjustments and corrections to your business practice?  Do you see those unforeseen moments as opportunities to be stretched and grow?  Remember, whatever has your focus will also have your direction.

I never look at anything I go through in my business as bad; I only see them as an opportunity to make adjustments to my business so guidelines will be in place and that mishap would not happen again.  Your FOCUS must remain on building a business that is bigger than you.  Your focus must be on development.  You never stop developing.  You must be mindful that you are developing your skill, developing in your character, developing in your customer service, developing the business structure.

If you see the things that happen as negative, then it will cause you to lose the energy you had for your business in the beginning.  Have you heard of the saying, “turn lemons into lemonades?”  What that means is take what you perceive as negative and make it a positive.  Learn from the experiences and definitely grow from your experience and become wiser from your experiences.

Some things God will allow to happen, because He needs to expose those areas that need correcting, because He knows what can hinder us in the future.  God has your best interest in mind and He knows how to get you into your intended place.  Don’t allow your FOCUS to get you off track because of “life” happenings.

Ask yourself, “Have I lost my focus, my passion, my zeal?”  Maybe you haven’t lost it, but maybe you have backed up just a little and going through the motions in your business.  I encourage you to take an assessment of where you are emotionally and mentally toward your business.  If you have stepped back, even for a moment, then change your FOCUS about the things that have happened and get into a learning and development mode.  You are going places, but God is teaching you what you need to know on this journey of entrepreneurship.

Karen Presley, CEO

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