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Making a Better Statement

When it comes to business, it is not good enough to say you know how to do the job.  People do not realize that their marketing material will continue speaking on their behalf after you leave a potential client.

I still have a business card today that I use as an example of how your material is speaking.  This person I met a long time ago; I really don’t remember who she is, but as I was cleaning my office I ran across this business card.  It was a person who has a marketing company and her tag line said; “Taking companies to the next level.”  Now, the problem with that is her card was printed on a staples perforated do-it-yourself business card paper; but yet she is marketing herself as a marketing business that will take you to the next level.

Although I do not remember the person, her material was still speaking on her behalf.  It did not speak confidence or professionalism.  What does your marketing material say?  Does it say I just started my business; or I’m a one man shop; or I don’t think marketing is important?

You may be the greatest at your profession but your material may stop you from getting the customer that will take your business to the next level.  Below you will see how sometimes only little adjustments can make your business shine.

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Below is an example of how branding your business will attract next level customers.  Your material is speaking that you are professional and about your business.  Your customers might be individuals, entrepreneurs and/or companies.  The bigger your clients that you want to attract, the more professional your material needs to be betrayed.

Below is an example of a branding package that consists if you are in the speaking arena.  You become the brand because you are the company if you are a speaker, author, coach etc.  Your picture on your marketing material will help people to identify with the person they are connecting with.

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