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Is Your Business a Hobby?

It is time that you take dominion in the marketplace and establish God’s voice through you via your business and/or ministry.  Many people are talking about this series…get your copy and see your business increase as you implement these principles.

Matthew 25:15 tells us that we’ve been given talents according to our ability.  We have a responsibility to take what God has given us and maximize it for His purpose.  This 6 part CD series + manual has been designed to assist you in growing your business, ministry and organization.  This series will challenge you to change your mindset in how you do business and become more disciplined and self-motivated in the building process. – ORDER TODAY: Click Here

What Others Are Saying…

Not only was this workshop enjoyable; but the knowledge acquired was immeasurable.  Ms. Presley is very knowledgeable and her presentation was down to earth and easy to understand.  I highly recommend this series and her workshop. – S. Brown

This class was exactly what I needed to stay motivated to build my business.  I gained excellent strategies for marketing – for stepping out of my box and being more proactive in my business. – B. Miller

This workshop was the most helpful and informational business workshop I’ve ever attended.  I can truly say that I am ready and can take my business to the plateau in which God wants me to.  In this class I learned how to change my mindset to an entrepreneur.  The down to earth and real talk experiences and knowledge was great. – A. Parker

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