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QR Codes and How It Can Grow Your Business

It is amazing how this technology continues to evolve making business easier to get greater exposure.  Exposure is one of the keys to the success of any business.  I want to talk about QR Codes, which stands for Quick Response.

Your QR Code should offer irresistible and compelling offers.  You have to ask yourself, what do you want people to get from scanning your QR Code?  Do you want them to see a video or your website or like your FB page or do you want to give them a discount?  Whatever you desire is how you will market your QR Code and then track the results.

The QR Code is just like anything else, your persistency and committment to market will bring about the results you are looking for.  Let us look at the list below to see different ways you can use the QR Code that will bring you business.

  1. business cards (marketing material)
  2. create a customer service satisfaction form (scan to give us your feedback)
  3. daily specials
  4. special events on posters (scan here to reserve your seat or for more info)
  5. on the for sale signs for RE agents
  6. added value gift cards
  7. instead of copying paper – use it to scan and give people information
  8. “who to call” on magnets for service technicians
  9. on your invoices (scan for discount on your next order)
  10. link it to your portfolio on your marketing material

As you can see there are so many things you can use QR Codes for.  In this fast growing technology age we are living in, business owners, ministries, organizations, and corporations must keep up with the age they are living in.  More people than not, have smart phones, ipads, and the latest gadgets that keep spring forth etc.  You must make it easier and faster for people to find out what your business is doing and how they can utilize your services or products.

Let Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., help you brand and market your business.  Call us today for a free consultation on how we can assist you in this growing market.

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