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Investing in Your Brand

I teach a workshop called “Building Your Business Beyond a Hobby”.  I also have a 6-CD series called “Business Strategies 4 Entrepreneurs”.  I say all that to say that I meet a lot of business owners and people in ministry that do not see the value in their brand.

Everyone does business in hopes to make money; however my question to you is, when does your brand become and investment instead of an expense.  When we look at what we must spend to perform our business as an expense, we will begin to penny pinch and see what we have to put out as not necessary.  Nothing is necessary when your pockets cannot support it; however if we look at our marketing, advertising and printing as an expense, we only see it as a bill or obligation.  Those words can bring about negative feelings in oneself.

When starting a business or growing a business; you must look at the back-end of your business just as well as the front end.  Let me explain.  The front end of your business is your trade, it is the service you provide or the product that you are selling.  The back-end of your business is all the components  that enables you to build the business.

This is where we must change our mindset about how we spend the money in the business.  No matter if you are just getting started or desire to go to another level; it will require you to invest in every aspect of your business.  I challenge you to not see your marketing, advertising and branding products as something you can just throw together yourself.

I tell my clients that if money is an issue, do your branding in stages.  Design the necessary pieces that you need immediately to make a great impression and as your finances permits, then add-on pieces.  Invest in a custom website to match your branded material.  Cookie cutter templates does not impress your customers.  Your brand makes you stand out from among your peers; so if you desire to take your business to another level, do not look like your competitors.

I am a strong believer that there is no such thing as a small thing.  Cutting corners when it comes to your marketing, advertising and brand may seem small now, but it will yield a harvest you will not want.  Make the necessary adjustments to your mindset as you go into this new calendar year, so you can see your business soar.

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Business Strategies 4 Entrepreneurs

Business Strategies 4 Entrepreneurs

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