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5 Tips for Keeping Your Book Resolution

It is a new year and I’m sure when 2012 ended you said, “Next year I’m going to publish my book.”  We all have good intentions to bring forth the desires that are on the inside of us.  But sometimes life gets in the way and all of a sudden, the book takes the back burner.

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If you are resolving to finish writing or publish your book this year, Anointed Press Publishers has a few tips to help you keep on track.

1.) Set specific and create realistic goals.  If you want to finish by a certain month, then be specific on what you need to do weekly in order to accomplish that goal.  Get your family involved if need be, so you can make sure they do no bother you at the time you set.

2.) Be faithful. Schedule a specific time that you know works for you.  I’m a morning person, but some people work great at night.  You have to know yourself and know your limitations.  Remember you will have to make some adjustments.  You can’t keep an old schedule and expect to bring forth need things.  Be consistent about whatever you put in place and see the progress.

3.) Break down your goals into digestible parts. If your goal is to publish this year, think about the mini goals you need to put in place.  Did you finish writing? Is your writing broken down in chapters or sections?  Are you in the editing stage?  Set target completion stage for each part of the book. Select your publishing package and then the target date.

4.) Share your goal with someone.  Accountability helps when you get weak.  If you share it with the right person, they will encourage you and cheer you on when you get discouraged.  They will also silently motivate you to not slack off.  If not a friend, maybe your family member will be your accountability partner.  It could be your publisher.  I’ve been told that I encourage people because I call to check up on them.  My e-blasts that I send out also keep people on track.

5.) Start publishing today.  Even if your book is not finished, you can purchase your publishing package or start paying on it to give yourself an incentive to finish.  Also when you pay on it early, it helps to relieve any pressure in the budget.  Call Anointed Press Publishers today and let us put you on the road to your destiny. This is your year to achieve your dream and become a published author.

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