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6 Small Marketing Tips that Yield Increased Visibility

I wear many hats: I have four businesses, pastor, accomplished, and I am a business and healing coach; so therefore I am very busy. I speak with people all the time in reference to how people can get there business off the ground. So many people work, have families and are trying to launch their business and cannot find the time to do it all. Sometimes when we get frustrated, we do nothing.

Below are a few tips and strategies that you can implement on a monthly routine to ensure that you begin to generate customers on an ongoing basis.

1. Be personal and authentic. No matter what kind of media you are using, people want to know that you care. Don’t just solicit to get a sale, but be personal and show that you can relate to where people are. Blogging, newsletters or what you communicate on social media are avenues that tell your audience that you are an individual with expert advice that can help their goals.

2. Leverage your network. Use your friends, family, people you work with and social media to ask for referrals. Create a campaign that rewards referrals. People love incentives. If they enjoyed their business experience with you, they will more than likely refer someone else, but now this gives them a little more incentive to take the initiative and promote you. Also ask for testimonials from your clients, this is a great way to promote you.

3. Google rankings. It is expensive to getting to the top of Google rankings, however, there are many other things you can do. You can put your business on Google maps. Create quality content that your audience. Also get on Twitter and Google + and then be consistent with putting content on those pages. Remember to promote your website address when you advertising or informing your audience. The more consistent you are the more your ratings are going up. Add links that drive your customers to your website or blog. Consistency is the best way to drive the search engine up.

4. Create tips. You are the expert in your business and/or ministry. The same way I am writing this blog to you, you can blog on tips or open a Facebook business page and use it to give out valuable tips on your FB page or twitter page. Don’t forget Google + and put a link to your website or blog. Social media has really become the leading edge in marketing and exposure.

5. Show your work. Do you take pictures of your work? Do you take pictures of events that you have had? This is a great way of letting people into what you do. You are building the awareness of what they can expect if they come to one of your events. Also when you post pictures of your work, it speaks to what they can expect when they do business with you.

6. Capture information. Almost every message you put out should have a call to action. Add a newsletter sign up form to your website, create FREE e-books, offering incentives like – “Sign up to our newsletter and receive 10 tips to…” or “Share this contest for more chances to win…” Find out what works for your business. You may have to try a few before seeing what really works for you.

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