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Planning Your Website 2015

Start 2015 with a CUSTOM and STRATEGIC Web Presence. Give your business a FRESH look for as low as $575.00. Unlimited pages, Content Development, Social Media Presence integrated into your site, take payments online, blogging, event/calendar feature and more.
Building a website can be a daunting task, even for those who do it everyday.  Anointed Press Web has created this simple guide for planning the different pieces to your website in order to prepare for ordering the construction of your next site.
STEP 1 – Your Domain Name.  Your domain name is a unique name that identifies your website, like google.com or redcross.org.  It service as your address on the web, similar to your street address in the world.  If you do not have one already, you will want to begin choosing one as the first step of your website planning process.
Choose a memorable name.  Stay away from abbreviated names that are difficult to remember.  If your business, ministry or organization’s name is not available, find a name that best describes what you do.  Top level domains are:  .com; .org; .net, etc.  and consider registering them all.
STEP 2.  Find Website You Like.  Now that you have a great domain name, it is time to do some web surfing.  God to http://www.google.com and search for businesses/organizations that perform similar functions to yours.  For example; if you have a plumbing business, type in the keyword “plumbers.”  What you are looking for is websites that can serve as an inspiration for your website.
Stop when you have found three sites.  More than three websites will make it difficult for the designer working on your website to determine what you are looking for.  Write down what you like about each website so that your designer can create a unique design combining the best of each site.
STEP 3.  Gather Your Visuals and Contents.  Now you are ready to begin organizing the information for your website.  This is a critical step because it will determine the structure of your website.  A website is more like a brochure – you have to plan the cover as well as the inside pages to the brochure.  A website contains a homepage and secondary pages that work together to create the entire website.
Gather all of your materials together.  Like your logo, pictures you want to publish on the website, sales materials, membership info, etc.  All the basic information about your business like: history, mission statement, contact info, about us.  Anything you are selling should be listed under products.  This provides us with the full understanding of what your website will need and how the menu needs to be designed.
STEP 4.  Plan Your Homepage.  The homepage is the “cover” of your website.  It needs to contain references to the latest, greatest and newest information contained within your website.  for example, your homepage should not contain deals about your upcoming event.  But it should contain a prominent, eye-catching banner that provides “teaser” information and links people to a full page within your website about the event.
STEP 5. Plan Your Functionality.  What makes a website different from a brochure is that it can actually interact with the reader.  Interaction is handled by technology that is referred to as an application.  In order to insure that we know what you want your website to do beyond simply presenting information, you will want to write down the various “special functions” you feel it needs.
For example:  You want to take online orders or donations, you want visitors to register for events, email newsletters or subscriptions or maybe you want to have a blog  and have them to purchase products online.  We can do it all.
STEP 6.  Write New Content.  Your website will more likely need  some new content to be  written.  Content is the words and images that are used on each page.  The best way to organize your website content is to create one MS Word per page of your website.

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