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Birthing Your Dreams

Are you ready to pursue your purpose with passion?  Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

When it comes to taking the hobby you have and turning it into a business, you must first make sure you have the mindset and motive for starting.    If you are starting your business because you hate your boss, you want to work less hours, or you think your salary is too low; then that is the wrong reason to start.  Destiny is the assignment that God put on the inside of you.  It is the dream, desire and the recurring thoughts that will not go away.  When you feel a pulling to leave the shallow waters of comfortability and to launch out into the deep waters of “Entrepreneurship,” then you know that is destiny calling you.  Take a minute and write down those recurring thoughts, dreams and visions you keep having.  They are not just random thoughts, but that is God speaking to you and urging you to move forward in that.

Now that you have done that, what type of skills, essentials and mindset will you need to start pursuing your dreams?  Some of the skills you need is the desire to market and sell what you are offering.  The reason why this is essential; is because I talk to a lot of people who do not like talking to other people.  The world is made up of people and people are the ones who will buy your service or product.  We must have the ability to talk to others about what we do.  You must also have the ability to deliver the product on time.  Being a person of character and integrity is crucial to the success of your dream growing into a well oil machine.  Don’t forget the finances.  You must have an understanding of how to manage your money in the backend.  When you show yourself faithful in the small areas of your finances, then you give God permission to pour on you in abundance because of how you handled the small

Make sure your mind is ready to work.  This dream will force you out of your comfort zone and will dominate your mind with imagination.  You cannot be concerned with what everyone else is doing.  So what if everyone is partying, going to the movies and chillin’ — you are giving birth to your dream and it requires work at this stage.  Are you willing to put the work in?  Are you willing to make personal sacrifices.  Are you willing to feed, water and nurture your dream?  Well if you are, then lets talk about the investment, not only of your time, but your finances.

How much money will you need to start.  I talk to so many people wanting to start businesses, but do not want to put out the money to attract the right customers.  When I started my business in my mother’s basement, nobody knew it because I always represented myself as a company.  I might have been in her basement, but in my mind I saw a company; so that is how I represented myself.  I remember on two different occasions  this lady and a man once told me when they came to my shop, they asked me, “Is it just you here?”  I said, “Yes.”  They said “Wow, according to your website, you represent yourself like you are a full blown company with employees.”  I started laughing because I have always represented myself to where I knew I was going even if I was not there yet.

Invest in your business.  Not just for the service or the product, but also your marketing material.  You cannot afford to go cheap on your dream.  Birthing your dream will require you to keep moving out of your comfort zone, even in the area of your finances.  Every time you come out of your comfort zone – you break through another level of fear.  Last year I was able to make 2 major purchases that has increased the visibility of my business.  I purchased a vehicle and had it wrapped and God blessed me with extreme favor that enabled me to get a billboard.  Both of these marketing expenses has already yielded great profit to the business and it has been less than 6 months.

In order to keep moving forward, you must adjust your attitude and reject common pitfalls along the way.  Reject feelings of fear, bitterness, anger, rejection and pride that may rise up in you as a result of the experiences you may encounter in business.  Set daily, monthly, and yearly goals for yourself that are specific, measureable and attainable to your growth and success.  The level of your achievement will be in direct alignment with your level of commitment.

Join me on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 11:00am as we go deeper in this EMPOWERING workshop “Birthing Your Dreams”  You will be glad that you made the small investment that will make a huge impact in your business.  REGISTER TODAY: http://www.karenpresley.org/apps/calendar/Default.asp?


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