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Overcoming Fear and Rejection in Business

Fear and rejection are real emotions that every person in business and ministry can relate to and many have dealt with it sometime in their life.  Rejection and the fear of rejection will make a person close off their hearts and hide away.  We build thick walls around our heart so that people cannot reject us or hurt us anymore.


I remember I was teaching a “Birthing Your Dreams” workshop and when I spoke about not liking people, it got the whole room buzzing.  Everybody was having a field day and that comment exposed how many people do not like people or do not want to deal with people.  Well guess what, the entire world is made up of people.  When we do business, it is people who become our customers.  When you do ministry, it is the people that you are to serve.  You cannot get around it, people are everywhere.

When it comes to rejection in business, you must remember one simple rule, “Never Take It Personal.”  What has helped me in business is my prayer life.  I always pray for God to send those who are assigned to me.  Everybody is NOT my customer; therefore, I am OK when someone does not buy from me.  I have made God my CEO, literally, and I trust that those I’m assigned to will also have the finances to pay my prices.  When I learned this principle and kept it in front of me, then I was OK and free from people’s NO.  I also had to come to a point where I recognized my value and what I bring to the table.  I had to recognize what makes me different from the next printer or publisher.

There are people right now that have what you need, how you deliver it, with your personality and the prices that you are charging.  You must begin to call forth in prayer the customers that belong to you.   When you make God the CEO of your company, and follow His lead in business, it takes the struggle out of dealing with people in business and the emotions of fear and rejection no longer binds you because the customers assigned to you will say “Yes.”

This really freed me.  I also recognized that when we come to the table of business; some people are coming with their issues.  That is why it is so important that when you get in business, you must grow up emotionally, because you have to be the bigger person at the business table.  If you are still immature, insecure, emotions out of whack and full of anger; then your emotions can hurt you and your business endeavors.  Don’t get me wrong, God will grow you up in route.  He never waits until you are fully develop to release you into your destiny.  He grows you up in route.  Trust me.  I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and mentally on this entrepreneurial journey.


I have two powerful workshops coming up that will help you start your business or take it to the next level as well as another workshop that will expose the many branches of rejection and help you to be free once and for all.

April 25, 2015 and May 16, 2015 – Overcoming Rejection workshop | May 2, 2015 – Birthing Your Dreams workshop  Go to:  http://www.karenpresley.org/Calendar-of-Events and register TODAY or call 301-782-2285 for more information

This is your time to move forward in all that God has called you to be and do.  We are declaring WAR on fear and rejection.  Join me in these upcoming workshops.  You must register.

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