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Don’t Get Stuck in Between Seasons

Oftentimes life journey can throw us some curb balls that we do not see coming.  It could be your marriage, your health, your children or on the job.  Even those in business can start their entrepreneurial journey and find themselves not understanding why everything is not as smooth as they hoped it to be.

I want to take you to a 1960’s sitcom by the name of “Get Smart.”  The sitcom opens by Maxwell Smart walking through numerous doors until he reaches the telephone booth.  For the sake of this blog, I want to focus on the doors.  Let me paint the picture for you, in case you are not familiar with this sitcom.  Maxwell was walking toward the doors and as he approached the door, is when the door opened.  The door did not open ahead of time, nor did Maxwell have to stop for the door to open.  Simultaneously, as Maxwell approached the next door, it opened and he kept walking.

These doors represent the beginning of new seasons in our lives.  Some doors we walk through knowing that we are beginning this new season.  It could be a season of marriage, children, entrepreneurial, relocating or a new job.  There are many new seasons, we orchestrate; however, it is what happens in between seasons that can cause some of us to get stuck.  We walk through these open doors with faith, excitement, expectancy or hope for increase and all around good success.  However, sometimes there are things that take place that can throw us a curb ball in our game.  I want to encourage you not to allow life to get you stuck in between doors or seasons in your life.

As we move in between seasons or doors for the sake of this blog, God allows things to happen to expose areas in our soul that needs to be dealt with.  No matter how gifted, talented, anointed or successful you are; God sees what we do not see.  He will allow things to happen to expose what is on the inside of us that will hinder us to getting to the next level.  God is always moving and He is always preparing us for the next season in our lives; however, if you do not recognize God in the midst of your seasons, you will find yourselves getting stuck instead of growing in that thing.

Many people are frustrated and have come to a place where they are going through the motions and doing things because they know to do, but not fully living; only existing.  Some people have started new adventures in their lives, but have lost their passion or zeal to keep building what they have started.  They started the task, but somewhere between seasons, whatever they encountered caused them to slowly withdraw from the build process.  Sometimes we can hear too many people say, “No,” on our journeys and not realize that has caused us to slowly pull back, after all, who wants to keep being rejected.  There are many things that people encounter that could be small things, but actually become negative seeds planted along the journey that causes people to withdraw between the seasons of their life.

Another thing I want to point out from the 1960’s sitcom is how the doors opened.  No one door opened the same way.  In life, we often expect God to move the same way He moved in the last season.  This too can get people stuck because oftentimes we put God in a box and if He does not move the way that is familiar to us, we do not realize that a new season has started and we are still stuck in the last season.  This is where things begin to dry up because God is pushing us forward but we fight how this new thing is coming forth.  This is when God orchestrates your new seasons even when you do not see it coming.  God controls the times and seasons in our lives, we must learn how to trust His infinite wisdom and come to know what it really means to surrender our life to God; because He is trying to get us somewhere and stop fighting the process along the way.

Your destiny and ultimate purpose that you are to fulfill on the earth is in the Hand of God and if you allow Him to lead you in between every season, God will develop, prune, teach, train, guide, heal, and rearrange your thinking in between those seasons so you might fulfill all that He has called you to do and establish your legacy in the earth.

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