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Entrepreneurs – vs – Kingdom Entrepreneurs

This blog was birthed to shift you into doing business God’s way that will cause you to see the reward He has for you. Be empowered by this word, you will be glad you read it. Continue reading

Marketing Helps Your Business To Grow

In the battlefield of marketing, perception of your company, brand, product or service wins over everything else.  Therefore, it is definitely important to work on the branding of your company, product or service than on the product itself.  Just make sure your product/service delivers good value like the brand you are displaying.  Even when I … Continue reading

Is Branding the Same as Marketing?

In a sense some people see branding your business as the same as marketing your business; however they are NOT. Branding is the “what” and marketing is the “how.” Let me explain. Branding is the public perception of your product or the service you offer. It is your reputation. Marketing is how you get the … Continue reading

Investing in Your Brand

I teach a workshop called “Building Your Business Beyond a Hobby”.  I also have a 6-CD series called “Business Strategies 4 Entrepreneurs”.  I say all that to say that I meet a lot of business owners and people in ministry that do not see the value in their brand. Everyone does business in hopes to make money; however … Continue reading

Making a Better Statement

When it comes to business, it is not good enough to say you know how to do the job.  People do not realize that their marketing material will continue speaking on their behalf after you leave a potential client. I still have a business card today that I use as an example of how your … Continue reading