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The Ups and Downs of Social Media

We live in a world where Technology is forever evolving.  For the business owner and ministry gift, we must learn to adapt our businesses and ministries to the world that we live in.  Can you remember how the telephone evolved?  Although I did not live in the 1700’s and 1800’s, we have pictures and old … Continue reading

Marketing Helps Your Business To Grow

In the battlefield of marketing, perception of your company, brand, product or service wins over everything else.  Therefore, it is definitely important to work on the branding of your company, product or service than on the product itself.  Just make sure your product/service delivers good value like the brand you are displaying.  Even when I … Continue reading

Planning Your Website 2015

Start 2015 with a CUSTOM and STRATEGIC Web Presence. Give your business a FRESH look for as low as $575.00. Unlimited pages, Content Development, Social Media Presence integrated into your site, take payments online, blogging, event/calendar feature and more. Building a website can be a daunting task, even for those who do it everyday.  Anointed … Continue reading

6 Small Marketing Tips that Yield Increased Visibility

I wear many hats: I have four businesses, pastor, accomplished, and I am a business and healing coach; so therefore I am very busy. I speak with people all the time in reference to how people can get there business off the ground. So many people work, have families and are trying to launch their … Continue reading

Is Branding the Same as Marketing?

In a sense some people see branding your business as the same as marketing your business; however they are NOT. Branding is the “what” and marketing is the “how.” Let me explain. Branding is the public perception of your product or the service you offer. It is your reputation. Marketing is how you get the … Continue reading