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Investing in Your Brand

I teach a workshop called “Building Your Business Beyond a Hobby”.  I also have a 6-CD series called “Business Strategies 4 Entrepreneurs”.  I say all that to say that I meet a lot of business owners and people in ministry that do not see the value in their brand. Everyone does business in hopes to make money; however … Continue reading

Gaining New Customers in 2013

Try using QR (Quick Response) Codes to market your business. Like any new marketing techniques, QR Codes must be well constructed for maximum impact and results. Follow these guidelines below and begin gaining new customers to grow your business in 2013. 1.) Create an Irresistible Offer No matter what technique you’re using to market your … Continue reading

QR Codes and How It Can Grow Your Business

It is amazing how this technology continues to evolve making business easier to get greater exposure.  Exposure is one of the keys to the success of any business.  I want to talk about QR Codes, which stands for Quick Response. Your QR Code should offer irresistible and compelling offers.  You have to ask yourself, what do … Continue reading

Is Your Business a Hobby?

It is time that you take dominion in the marketplace and establish God’s voice through you via your business and/or ministry.  Many people are talking about this series…get your copy and see your business increase as you implement these principles. Matthew 25:15 tells us that we’ve been given talents according to our ability.  We have a … Continue reading

Making a Better Statement

When it comes to business, it is not good enough to say you know how to do the job.  People do not realize that their marketing material will continue speaking on their behalf after you leave a potential client. I still have a business card today that I use as an example of how your … Continue reading