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Understanding “Time” Before the Harvest

As a ministry gift, coach and business owner; I am always interacting with people.  God has given me the privilege of seeing people’s lives play out over a long period of time.  I know you probably have heard that we are in a shift or transition.  Many of us God has been calling us out … Continue reading

You Can Write A Book by Karen Presley

Do You Have a Book In You? If you are like most people, they have so many desires and dreams that they want to put on paper.  Your life is worth talking about.  Your experiences, your story, your expertise and your journey is waiting to be read by somebody. Get a taste of what you … Continue reading

Web Presence Is Everything

How do you present yourself?  This is the question that I am asking?  When it comes to marketing your business; there are so many ways this can be done.  We have the typical business cards, postcard, brochures, etc.  We also have website appearance which has the potential of getting global attention.  No matter how you … Continue reading

Marketing Strategies

In today’s generation, the buzz is all about social media.  Marketing is crucial to the success and growth of any business, ministry or organization.  Whether you are starting a home-based business or maybe you have a storefront business or maybe you have a level-marketing business; marketing is important no matter what product or service you … Continue reading