Karen M. Presley is a pastor, CEO of multiple companies, empowerment coach, internet radio host, inspirational speaker, and accomplished author.  Ms. Presley offers a one-stop shop for graphics, printing, self-publishing, website design, promotional materials, notary, faxing and photocopying services. She specializes in helping authors, entrepreneurs & businesses build strong brands through print and digital media.

Ms. Presley, who has reached a 10 year milestone, is MBE certified, a member of Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce and carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. She is the self-published author of It’s Time to Unmask the Real You, The Wonders of His Grace, Business Strategies for Entrepreneurs. An accomplished empowerment speaker, she also runs a public speaking and coaching organization. Ms. Presley is the founder of Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center in Maryland and a pastor of Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries.

Ms. Presley’s goal is to help people shatter obstacles that prevent them from using their God given gifts to empower themselves and help others.

Ready to Take Your Life and Business to the Next Level?

My Goal is to HELP YOU!!!

I’m the CEO of multiple businesses, founder of a non-profit and accomplished author with NO prior training or education. I’m committed to empowering people to move forward into their destiny. My question to YOU – Are you ready to go? Are you ready to move past average? Are you ready to move past the normal status quo? If you are, then sign up for my Metamorphosis 1 Year Program. CLICK HERE to learn more.



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